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Title:'Reflection' videoinstallation . 3 faces with different ages  ranging from 5 ,50 and 80 years, change into each other every  8 minutes.



A 6-angled water-fond is placed under three trees in the park. In the dark, angular shape, water can be seen that reflects the environment. Translucent screens are placed on three of the straight sides of the fond. Three different video projections can be seen. The video projections show 3 lying portraits of a boy of 5, a man of 50 and a man of 80 years of age. The 3 faces reflect in the water. The portraits seem to be sleeping. Sometimes one of the portraits opens his eyes. Every 8 minutes the faces change of age. The child turns 50, the man of 50 becomes 80 and the eighty-year-old transforms in the face of the 5 year old. A morphological transformation occurs between the portraits with the different ages.