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Videoinstallation at the CVOM , Utrecht  Title: Wilm and Senne.



In the entrance Hall and on 11 other screens on several floors in the CVOM building the video-installation; ’Wilm and Senne’ was shown. In 2009 Marjan Laaper was

asked to make a video installation for The CVOM, a part of the Dutch ministry in Utrecht that is normally well closed for public. In the building, there were already many monitors present, which were not use daily. Marjan Laaper transformed these screens in to a video-installation. The TV screens where turned into ‘windows’ by placing two children faces behind glass windows, which are peaking into the space. The children were filmed leaning against the glass. They press their faces to the

glass to see what is happening on the other side. This gives the illusion as if they

were looking into the building. This illusion turns the building into a miniature world, almost like a dollhouse.