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Sketch-proposal: Art commission City Hall Zoetermeer

Title: The pillars of Zoetermeer.



Marjan Laaper was asked to make an artwork for the renovated City Hall of Zoetermeer. The design for the artwork had to make a connection between the different parts of the building and the users of the building.

There are several columns in the City Hall. They form a recurring and connecting visual element throughout the building. A nice additional fact is that columns are symbolically the bearing elements of the building. They are literally the pillars on which "The House of the City" is built and on which it supports. The work makes a symbolic connection between the literal pillars of "The House of the City" and the figurative carriers of Zoetermeer, namely the founders, the residents, the visitors

and the administrators of the city. Together they form the foundation that the community makes, wears, shapes and upholds. 



Some pillars are accentuated by applying capitals that reinforce the bearing

character of the columns. A capital or headpiece is the crowning / termination at

the top of the column, to transfer the "load" to a narrower bearing surface. The separate pillars on the lower floors of the building, which have to carry "the

greatest weight", are provided with capitals. The capitals are made up of the silhouettes of various people of Zoetermeer.



The silhouettes show different life stages: from birth, youth, adulthood and old age. It also shows the differences and similarities in appearance, gender, culture and background. This emphasizes that it’s a place for the entire community. A place

where people can feel at home, meet each other, learn and be amazed ...