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Video-projection Encounter Nagele ("North-East Polder")

81a Encouter Nagele

The work: "Encounter" shows a larger-than-life video projection of an Owl (Bengal Eagle Owl) sitting on a branch in front of a large shed in the vast landscape in Nagele, North-East Polder in the Netherlands. When the Owl sits with its back to the viewer, a pattern can be seen in its plumage that seems to form a face. When the owl turns around, its bright orange eyes scan the environment and look at the viewer. The video projection is taken from one point of view, so that the bird almost seems to become a statue or ornament in the landscape. The bird's natural beauty and its presence in this vast area give the work a magical atmosphere. The work connects "the natural" and the "man-made environment" into one scene.

81b uil encounter

81c uil Encounter

81d uil encounter