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Videoinstallation at the Maryland  Institute, Baltimore USA: "Hye how are you doing?".

marjan laaper






This work was made during an artist in residence in Baltimore., USA .The work was situated around the entrance of the main building of the Maryland Art Institute of

Art. It was a place where you could meet a lot of people; but because of the steps, there was not really a possibility to communicate.  When you approached the

building there were two metal frames on each side of the entrance where news and lectures were usually announced. In the metal frames there were enlargements of

two video-stills. Outside there were two video-monitors showing a video of a very

sad man. When you entered the building there were more stairs and on top of the stairs there was another video-monitor with a motion detector. Every time a person would pass the crying man the  question was asked: “Hi, how are you doing?”