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Permanent Public Art work: "The remembrance of dewdrops".

marjan laaper



In 2005 Marjan Laaper got a commission to make a permanent public artwork for

the city of Heerhugowaard in the North of the Netherlands. The artwork had to be related to the new build City hall and the history of the city Heerhugowaard. The region of Heerhugowaard used to be covert by water. Marjan Laaper was inspired by

the idea that water never gets lost but transforms and reappears into another shape, like raindrops or dewdrops. Since a city hall is a place were people go to for the registration of their children after birth, to get married or go for registration after their loved ones have died. She wanted to show different stages of live in the work. She decided to make a transparent photo between glass of a family of Heerhugowaard. In the photo 4 water-drops reflect 4 stages of life; birth, youth, adulthood and old age. Size: 400 x 800 x 15 cm