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Exhibition: "Silent Island" at Albus lux Contemporary

Silent Island expo


Marjan Laaper stayed in Iceland in 2014. In the exhibition: “Silent Island” she

showed video projections she made during an artist in residence period in

Dj├║pivogur, Iceland. In this exhibition she zooms into the vastness and emptiness

of Iceland and the overwhelming natural surroundings. Her observations and registrations yielded images in which the phenomenon of ‘Frozen time’ and the experience of infinity are intensified. Brief moments are preserved as if they

want to counter or negate the passing of time and the fleetingness of things. The minimal movements of the animals ‘acting’ in the videos create an intriguing

vacuum that encourages contemplation. Laaper creates the impression that the animals have human traits. This anthropomorphism enhances the sense of recognition.


silent Islans expo